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Real Reviews from Happy Customers

“UICO truly acted as an extension of our engineering team, from design to production we were paired with an engineer to help us launch and integrate their touchscreen into our product”

- Michael W. -

Senior Product Design Engineer

“Working with UICO has been a pleasure,  they are very responsive and go above and beyond to satisfy our needs while delivering a quality product.  UICO is our go- to supplier for touchscreens.”

- Sara M. -

Director of Procurement

"Users of our products have said that our kiosks have the best touchscreens, always very bright, and work with thick gloves. I tell them it is because UICO’s touchscreens are what makes our products so great."

- Steve S. -

Director of Product Management and User Experience

When it comes to UICO’s duraTOUCH® Technology, seeing is believing.

Our patented projected capacitive touch technology outperforms competitors in regards to visibility, durability, and usability.

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